Kid Friendly Finish

Our flooring is protected by the most technically advanced finish ever developed. Husky Coat Plus© Nanotech© exclusive finish incorporates aluminum oxide crystals with Nanotechnology to deliver a super-clear furniture like top-coat.

  • Wear Guard: Our finish is so strong that even scrubbing with a 000 steel wool will not scratch it. Our Husky Coat Plus© finish is 10 times more durable then polyurethane applied on-site
  • Stain Guard: We have incorporated our exclusive Stain Guard protection into the top coat of the finish. The finish is so stain resistant it will even resist stains from an indelible marker and iodine. The finish is so revolutionary the marks can be wiped off with a paper towel.
  • Sun Guard: Offers a much higher UV resistance than competitive finishes. Sun Guard preserves the natural color of the floor by drastically reducing the photochemical effects of sunlight on the floor.
  • Antibacterial: Our finish is also resistant to bacteria which may breed and grow in competitive hardwood floors.
  • Easy Maintenance: With all the features of our exclusive finish our flooring is very easy to maintain and keep clean. We like to think of our flooring as Kid Friendly.
  • Emission Free: Our finish is also environmentally friendly as it is VOC emission free with 99.6% solids.
  • 35 - 5 Warranty: Due to our revolutionary finish we can offer a 35 year limited warranty for residential use and a 5 year limited warranty for light commercial use. Please see our warranty for complete details.

Please note: not all finishes contain all of the features listed above. Please contact your dealer for complete details.

Gloss level

Our standard gloss level is semi-gloss.

The full range of gloss levels available are as follows:

  • (FX) Oil FX = <10° (low sheen)
  • (ST) Satin = 30° sheen
  • (SG) Semi gloss = 50° sheen

Our finish SUN GUARD©


  • Protection offers a much higher UV resistance than conventional or competitive prefinished coatings
  • Preserves your floor's original color by drastically reducing the photochemical effects of sunlight on the wood
  • Protects the floor from yellowing
  • Prevents dulling
  • Maintains the original look of your floor