When looking for a floor with a more refined look and limited natural character we offer our Seasons grade collection. For the consumer looking for a more uniform colored floor with limited natural character we have our "Select" or "Select and Better" grades. For a more natural look which includes more pronounced natural color variation and a touch more of Mother Nature’s character we offer our "Prestige" and "1 Common" grades.


When competitively priced flooring is required our NorthPlank collection is the way to go.  Boasting one of the best average length in the industry our NorthPlank grade is rich in Mother Nature’s character.  Personality is in abundance with color variation, knots, mineral and other character making this collection a must for those looking for a natural wood floor with long board lengths.


Our unique multi-step staining and antiquing process has allowed us to create the Winery collection. This collection provides a product with depth and texture as the two tones softly contrast to provide a stunning visual that is unique and elegant.


We are pleased to present our latest product development which will add a third dimension to your floors. The addition of wire brushing to our trend setting stains results in a floor with a depth and texture that is truly remarkable. Our wire brushed floors are ideal for commercial applications as well as any other high traffic areas as the brushing effect helps hide wear to the floor. Available in red oak in our grades 1 common and NorthPlank the flooring comes complete with our exclusive Oil FX finish.


Our latest product innovation has been inspired by some of the most beautiful locations in the world. The striking two tones staining combined with our brushing process literally makes the natural wood grain jump off the floor with profound effect. If you are looking for a truly unique floor, you must see samples of our International Collection for yourself. Why settle for a vacation in Hawaii when you could enjoy Maui every day in your home.


Enjoy our exclusive Oil FX finish with the incredible resistance of our standard polyurethane finish. Unlike traditional oiled floors there is NO re-coating required. Further, all of the benefits provided by our standard polyurethane finish are included with our Oil FX finish. This specialty finish can be applied on all of our species and all of our stains providing you with thousands of product options. Introduced in 2008, our Oil FX collection has become more popular every year and has now been imitated by competitors.


of your prefinished hardwood floor

It can be a piece of cloth to match curtains or a colour chip. Whatever you have we will match it.


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